I was broken.

The summer of 2016 was brutal for me.  My life imploded, I sunk into deep depression, and I realized that my heart, instead of being a lush, vibrant garden, was simply hot, dry dust.  I had nothing left to give.  As a last desperate attempt to grow something in my wasteland, I turned to gratitude.  

I needed something big…something I couldn’t avoid.  Something so important that it HAD to change my life.  I decided to paint my gratitude.  One hundred hearts for one hundred women who touched my life. 

At first I had a hard time coming up with a hundred names.  I started a list and left a lot of it blank, hoping I could fill it in.  With a bundle of nerves (I hadn't painted for others before) I began to paint my first heart.  Then a second.  Then a third.

One day I noticed a tender green shoot in my heart, and then another, and another.   I began to notice the people around me in a new way - their struggles and joys and quirks and delights endeared them to me.  I felt new life in my soul.  My list filled and overflowed - one hundred became too small to contain my gratitude!

The shards of my broken, weary heart were swept away and a new, beautiful, vibrant one grew in its place.  My confidence began a massive upward trajectory.  Darkness turned to light.  Scarcity into abundance.  Broken into whole.  It was a miracle.  Truly.  A miracle.  

I realized this project was too good to keep to myself and so the Hundred Hearts Project was born.  Or maybe harvested.  The ripe, luscious fruits of my new heart.


The Project

The concept of the Hundred Hearts Project is simple - express your gratitude to one hundred people in whatever way feels right to you (thank you notes, art, poems, service, etc.).  The power comes from the habit AND the connection.  Gratitude, when practiced over and over and over establishes new thought patterns that naturally focus on the positive.  A mind that is filled with gratitude has no room for negativity.  When habit is coupled with expressing your gratitude to people who delight, inspire, serve, humble, support, and love you...well, hang on.  Your game is about to be changed. 

Step One

Think about some people you are grateful for.  Don't worry about getting your list to one hundred yet.  Just begin recognizing the people who have touched your heart in some way.  Maybe they are alive, maybe they have passed.  Perhaps you know them personally, perhaps you don't.  There is no right or wrong here.  


Step Two

Decide how you want to thank your people.  The sky's the limit.  Some people in the Hundred Hearts Tribe are doing things like thank you notes, poetry, paintings of nebulae, dinner invitations, service projects, and family history stories.  The important thing is choosing something that is right for YOU, fits with YOUR life, and comes from YOUR heart.


Step Three

Get started!  Don't wait for perfection - just get going.  Gratitude is so incredibly powerful - you do not want to miss out.  Life in the middle and on the other side of the Hundred Hearts Project is so dang rich.  I want you to experience it as soon as possible...as in yesterday!