One of the biggest challenges I hear from potential Hundred Hearts participants is

"I don't know what I would do for my own project."

The Hundred Hearts Project is so transformative, so amazing, and so WORTH IT that I puzzled over how I could make participation as simple and doable as possible.  I am so excited to offer you the crowbar that will pry up the roadblocks standing between you and your own Hundred Hearts Project!  


Hours and hours of love, toil, thought, questions, trials, errors, and solutions have all culminated in a product that I am so delighted to offer you!  The official Hundred Hearts Project Gratitude Cards are designed to help you change your life through gratitude - with ease.  Each 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" notecard features artwork from my own Hundred Hearts Project - a painting of a heart in gratitude for an influential woman in my life.  They are colorful, fun and unique - just like the women who inspired them.  The back of each card offers a brief explanation of the Hundred Hearts Project (so you don't have to keep explaining it in each card).  All the features combine to make them a simple, lovely way to express your gratitude to the people in your life who have touched your heart.



100-CARD SET - pre-order

In production - shipping by mid November!

Creating a habit of gratitude for the people in your life is the strength of the Hundred Hearts Project.  If you want to jump into the Hundred Hearts Project and have all 100 cards at your finger tips to be available wherever and whenever, this is the perfect option!  100 cards (one of each of the original one hundred hearts), 100 brightly colored envelopes, and a tracking sheet to keep track of who you've sent cards to - all neatly packaged in crisp box.