Hello!! I am so excited for you to begin your journey with the Hundred Hearts Project! This survey will document where you at right now - it’s like you and gratitude are taking a selfie. Maybe the two of you have a long relationship or maybe you’ve just been introduced - either way, take this time to click the shutter, so to speak. You’ll be so glad to reflect back on this moment. Be totally honest with your answers - no sunglasses, looking away or hiding behind someone else!

Before you click the link below and are off to the races, I wanted to gather some women around you who have participated in their own Hundred Hearts Project and have something to say about it:

Like love, gratitude is most effective when it’s an action. I sent cards to people I had always loved, admired or appreciated but had never taken the opportunity to express how grateful I was for their influence in my life. It was very rewarding to hear back how much those words meant to them. It’s like each card was revealing the truth of how blessed I have been.
— Krista
I have been sending gratitude cards as the feeling hits. A month ago I sent out a few to people I admire. I received the following from the recipient

”Sometimes a simple action by another human can change the direction of another person’s life. You somehow knew I was in the depths of despair so deep that I could not see the light of day. By your wonderful thoughts - you reached out and touched me. I was so surprised ... not many have realized I moved on. You switched on the light to a new path. I am grateful for you and words are frail and escape me. Please know you made a difference in my life ... thank you! “

This is why one should always slow down enough to listen to that still small voice that calls you to serve, to think of others and to say Thank you.
Your 100 Hearts Project has reminded me of the value of a hand written note, a smile and heart felt thank you.

You never know (nor should you want to know) how very far your ripple may go...what shore it will touch and change forever.
— Izetta
I took the opportunity to look at my opening survey results... and compared my notes to where I am today. I can honestly say that “I have grown” as a person! The past two years have been somewhat of a trial for me on a personal and professional level with a lot of uncertainty, turmoil and change. About a year ago I made a commitment to change the one thing I can change – ME... The “100 Hearts” project was one commitment I made to help transform me and help move me forward.
— Theresa

With those testimonies of the power of this gratitude project, I’m sending you off to experience it for yourself. I’m sending you a big virtual hug and a reminder that you can reach out any time for support or just a hello - info@hundredheartsproject.org.

All my love and gratitude,

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