These are the original 100 hearts of the Hundred Hearts Project.  Each one is a meditation on the woman I was painting for and the reasons I felt grateful for.  Each painting took me between 8-30 hours to complete - it was such a gift to be able to spend that time "with" each woman.   You can see the progression in both my skill and use of materials as you scroll through the images.  People often comment that they can't believe it was one artist who created all 100.  I can assure you that it was!  It was an incredible thing to feel the inspiration for each heart  "bubble up" when I thought about each woman.  

Be sure to click the images to read the letter I wrote to each woman - they are such amazing people!

When we acknowledge the good we see in others we are truly “seeing” that person.  We long to be seen.  It fulfills a deep desire to be noticed and be told that we are enough.  Because we are.  We are all enough.  That’s the power of gratitude - recognizing that enough is plenty, and plenty is abundance. 
— Jenny Loughmiller